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Burnout Revenge

Burnout Revenge

Burnout Revenge

Some info:
Game: Burnout Revenge

First thoughts: A lot of groans were heard around the room when I switched it on! But as we started playing, we quickly found out that the main focus of the game was to crash into cars or be crash.

Once you stuck in: Once you get over the thrill of crashing into others, you soon master the skills of special ‘takedowns’. There are also various signature moves which bring up your rating levels. All sorts of slick & stylish cars get given to you as you progress through the stages.
The various levels are also quite detailed and noticing the fine details is not so difficult when you speed past.

Road rage becomes your route to survival…

Best bit: Once you force another diver to crash, the game play pauses and you see in slow motion your move from great angles.

Worst bit: Crashing from another racer without even smelling them.

Summary: It’s a great twist in the usual ‘race and don’t crash’ games.

Out of 10: 9

Reviewer: Ric