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Butterfly World

Butterfly World   Some info: Butterfly World is an enclosed tropical garden where exotic and colourful butterflies fly freely – an experience of nature . . . → Read More Here: Butterfly World


Company Gardens

Company Gardens   Some info: Take a leisurely stroll down a historical piece of our cosmopolitan city. Find trees older than your mother in . . . → Read More Here: Company Gardens


SAFCOL La Motte Plantation

SAFCOL La Motte Plantation   Some info: The La Motte Plantation offers a wide range of ecotourism activities in an area of seclusion and . . . → Read More Here: SAFCOL La Motte Plantation


Sonstraal Dam

Sonstraal Dam   Some info: Quiet & serene with loads of space and water for the kids to enjoy Address: Hebron Street Durbanville Where . . . → Read More Here: Sonstraal Dam


Kirstenbosch National Gardens

Kirstenbosch National Gardens   Some info: In one word, beautiful. Go for a picnic, lunch or just a walk in this amazing “garden”. Huge . . . → Read More Here: Kirstenbosch National Gardens


Intaka Island

Intaka Island   Some info: Intaka Island lies right in the heart of Century City. This 16 ha wetland conservation reserve provides a haven . . . → Read More Here: Intaka Island



Sanccob   Some info: Visit this rehabilitation centre for penguins and other seabirds and get to watch them being fed every day at 10h00 . . . → Read More Here: Sanccob


Paarl Bird Sanctuary

Paarl Bird Sanctuary   Some info: Enjoy a wonderful quite moment while spotting the colourful Malachite Kingfisher in this 45 hectare paradise with over . . . → Read More Here: Paarl Bird Sanctuary


West Coast Ostrich Farm

West Coast Ostrich Farm   Some info: Meet, touch and maybe even ride an ostrich Address: Van Schoorsdrift Road Philadelphia Where it is: Drive . . . → Read More Here: West Coast Ostrich Farm


Birds Paradise

Birds Paradise   Some info: For an unforgettable experience! With over 100 species such as Macaws, Hyacins, Conures, Pelicans and water fowl from Australia . . . → Read More Here: Birds Paradise