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Grand Parade

Grand Parade   Some info: This is no air-conditioned shopping mall, but this flea market makes up for it with dirt cheap commodities for . . . → Read More Here: Grand Parade


Doyle Sculpture Garden

Doyle Sculpture Garden   Some info: Permanent bronze sculpture exhibition set in a tranquil garden and gallery surrounds Address: 6 Mountain View Road Wynberg . . . → Read More Here: Doyle Sculpture Garden


Wellington Leather Novelties

Wellington Leather Novelties   Some info: Manufacturers of purses, key cases, belts, bags, sandals, vellies, school cases, leather novelties Address: Industrial Road Wellington Where . . . → Read More Here: Wellington Leather Novelties


Redemption Fine Handcrafted Leather

Redemption Fine Handcrafted Leather   Some info: Manufacturers of men’s, women’s and children’s leather shoes & sandals, hats, belts and bags and leather furniture. . . . → Read More Here: Redemption Fine Handcrafted Leather


African Art Factory

African Art Factory   Some info: Wire crafts, african leather designs, ceramic products, glass works and willo works – you’ll find it all at . . . → Read More Here: African Art Factory


African Heritage

African Heritage   Some info: Specialists in African jewellery with a rich collection of antique African jewellery with beads and elements from across Africa . . . → Read More Here: African Heritage


Hilmond Weavers Gallery

Hilmond Weavers Gallery   Some info: Specialising in hand woven mohair, wool & cotton fabrics, also stock hand woven mohair & wool tapestries, rugs, . . . → Read More Here: Hilmond Weavers Gallery


The Waterfront Trading Company

The Waterfront Trading Company   Some info: An experience in creativity. African art & furniture, hand painted fabrics, children’s furnishings & art, clothing, ceramics, . . . → Read More Here: The Waterfront Trading Company


Go to some Arts & Craft Markets

Go to some Arts & Craft Markets   Some info: Get in your car and take a drive out to one of the many . . . → Read More Here: Go to some Arts & Craft Markets


Oom Samie se Winkel

Oom Samie se Winkel   Some info: Yesterday’s General Dealer specialising in wines of exceptional vintages and unusual releases. A warm and nostalgic atmosphere . . . → Read More Here: Oom Samie se Winkel