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Windsurfing & Sail boarding

Windsurfing & Sail boarding   Some info: Windsurfing is another favourite in the Blouberg beach area, with Strand and Gordon’s Bay becoming very . . . → Read More Here: Windsurfing & Sail boarding


Club Mykonos

Club Mykonos   Some info: Windsurfing and board rental Address: Langebaan Where it is: Take the N7 to Langebaan


0800 . . . → Read More Here: Club Mykonos


Lamberts Bay Windsurfing

Lamberts Bay Windsurfing   Some info: Windsurfing is a very popular sport in Lamberts Bay Address: Lamberts Bay Where it is: Take the . . . → Read More Here: Lamberts Bay Windsurfing


Elandsbaai Windsurfing

Elandsbaai Windsurfing   Some info: Ideal windsurfing conditions during the summer months Address: Elandsbaai Where it is: Drive out to Elandsbaai

Telephone: . . . → Read More Here: Elandsbaai Windsurfing


Go Windsurfing

Go Windsurfing   Some info: Want to get whipped across the dam in no time, this is a seriously high speed sport to . . . → Read More Here: Go Windsurfing



Blougbergstrand   Some info: Nice beach for long walks, good for surfing, water can get a bit cold at times, great beach to . . . → Read More Here: Blougbergstrand


Long Beach

Long Beach   Some info: Great loooong beach with good surf. Ideal for some horseback riding and for walking the pooch. Address: Noordhoek . . . → Read More Here: Long Beach


Downhill Adventures

Downhill Adventures   Some info: We offer extreme sports, outdoor activities, tours, nature, paragliding, sand boarding, surf school, mountain biking, Cape Point & . . . → Read More Here: Downhill Adventures


Cape Sport Centre Langebaan

Cape Sport Centre Langebaan Some info: Qualified instructors, Crash courses, day courses and accommodation offered. Get away for a wind driven adrenalin weekend. . . . → Read More Here: Cape Sport Centre Langebaan


Suntrax Surf and Sail

Suntrax Surf and Sail Some info: Kite boarding can be pretty dangerous, so get all the info you can before you get started, . . . → Read More Here: Suntrax Surf and Sail