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Rent a Video

Rent a Video   Some info: It’s like walking into a candy store, without the candy, only movies on Video Address: Your closest video . . . → Read More Here: Rent a Video


Detox Diet

Detox Diet   Some info: OK, so you’ve been hitting the sauce and partying as if there is no end. Time to get rid . . . → Read More Here: Detox Diet


Russian Back Massage

Russian Back Massage   Some info: Have the person lie down on a firm (but not hard) surface, i.e. on the rug with some . . . → Read More Here: Russian Back Massage


Do some woodwork

Do some woodwork   Some info: Bored at home? Get a piece of wood and make something useful for your house e.g. a drawer . . . → Read More Here: Do some woodwork


Make a Sculpture

Make a Sculpture   Some info: Go to a hobby shop/ hardware store /toy store /stationary shop and get some modelling clay. Get a . . . → Read More Here: Make a Sculpture



Pottery   Some info: Ever see the movie Ghost? Remember Demi Moore and Patrick Swaze? Imagine you and your partner, pottery is great fun, . . . → Read More Here: Pottery



Photography   Some info: Take some picks of literally anything, a bug, a flower, your little brother , the sea, the mountain. Address: NA . . . → Read More Here: Photography


Build a model or mini replica

Build a model or mini replica   Some info: Go to a hobby shop, get yourself a kit and build a model. Airplanes, Trains, . . . → Read More Here: Build a model or mini replica


Make Some Soap

Make Some Soap   Some info: Did you know soaps mainly consist of lard/fat? You break down the fat with lye a type of . . . → Read More Here: Make Some Soap


How to make your own candles

How to make your own candles   Some info: Making your own candles at home can be an inexpensive, enjoyable way to spend an . . . → Read More Here: How to make your own candles