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Forresters Arms

Forresters Arms   Some info: If you have not heard of ‘Forries’ before, you are probably not a former or current UCT student. . . . → Read More Here: Forresters Arms


Astrology classes with Rod Suskin

Astrology classes with Rod Suskin   Some info: Astology classes with Rod Suskin Address: Newlands Where it is: Newlands


Various courses . . . → Read More Here: Astrology classes with Rod Suskin


Ohlsson’s Cape Brewery

Ohlsson’s Cape Brewery   Some info: Bookings required for tours around South Africa’s oldest brewery, taking visitors through the manufacturing process and ending . . . → Read More Here: Ohlsson’s Cape Brewery


SAB Brewery Tours

SAB Brewery Tours Some info: SAB Newlands Breweries (previously known as Ohlsson’s Cape Breweries) in Newlands offer regular tours where visitors can learn . . . → Read More Here: SAB Brewery Tours


Primart Gallery

Primart Gallery Some info: Philip Todres is available to consult on contemporary South African art Address: Montebello Design Centre 31 Newlands Avenue Newlands . . . → Read More Here: Primart Gallery