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Daniel Powter – New Edition

Daniel Powter – New Edition

Daniel Powter – New Edition

Some info:
James Blunt, Paulo Nutini, and Daniel Powter definitely deserve to be ranked as some of the worlds most talented contemporary singer/songwriters. All three have been making waves in countries around the world and have received many hours of play-time on international radio. Their amazing voices, quality piano riffs, and composed lyrics make them the dream of women the world over.

Whilst his New Edition is by no means “new” it is nonetheless still good. The same songs as the original debut CD, the album, no doubt released through popular demand, includes a DVD with music videos and acoustic versions of some of the tracks. A nice feature of the DVD is the “live from studio A” videos that comprises Daniel playing piano and the rest of his band doing what they do best whilst in the studio. Some of the classic songs that have become extremely popular amongst fans include “bad day”, “free loop”, and “Jimmy gets high”. These renditions add a certain refined quality to the album and a certain mood that could complement just about any scenario where candles and wine are involved. Nice.