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Delheim picnics daily by the riverside ‘til April 2012

Delheim PicnicsSummer has arrived, the mercury is rising, and attention turns again to the sunny Cape outdoors. Enjoy a gourmet picnic on the lawn at the riverside behind the Delheim cellar (mere meters away from where Bessie the cow drank 20 litres of wine: though we don’t suggest a repeat performance by our visitors!) seven days a week at 12h00, until the end of April 2012. The best score of all is the Delheim wine, sold at cellar door prices to Delheim picnickers, sans a restaurant mark-up.

On the menu this season is smoked salmon; a salad of home-smoked chicken breast with celery, spring onions, homemade pickled pumpkin and pomegranate kernels; a curried lentil salad with mint and peppadews; mascarpone cheese & fig spread; leberwurst pâté; locally-made blue cheese; freshly-cut biltong; homemade dolmades; zwiebelkuchen (German onion pie); beef samoosas; pimento-stuffed olives from Chrisna’s Deli; sun-ripened cocktail tomatoes; freshly-baked farm bread; focaccia and crackers.

Those who still have room for dessert can opt for fresh fruit or something sweeter – koeksisters & Gabriele chocolates (which I’m sure would be Bessie’s choice; but don’t let that dissuade you!) A large bottle of sparkling water is included in the price and a vegetarian option is available on request.

A basket for two is a bargain at R260 (excluding additional beverages), while a basket for four can be had for R520.

A special basket for children under the age of 12, priced at R65, includes a bratwurst hotdog, carrot sticks, raisins, Gouda cheese, crackers, yoghurt, fresh fruit, a chocolate brownie with ice cream, and a fruit juice.

Best of all, if you bounce out of bed to discover a sunny day, let us know before 10h30 and your basket can still be prepared. Contact the restaurant team at [email protected] or telephone (021) 888-4607.