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Detox Diet

Detox Diet
Some info:
OK, so you’ve been hitting the sauce and partying as if there is no end. Time to get rid of some of the build up toxins in your system due to overindulgence? Great, and simple, go on a two week detox. Cut out all meat for a week and only eat veggies and fresh fruit. If you need more protein substitute with nuts, or a protein shake. Reintroduce fish and chicken in your second week while keeping the up with veggies and fruit. Try and stay away from hi carb foods like pastas, rice, and breads so that your body uses its own stored energy (those little love handles) as fuel, the sugar from the fruit will help with energy. The main this about the detox diet is to keep everything as natural as possible, buy fresh stuff and avoid tinned foods. After day three you’ll start feeling like the old you and after the two weeks you’ll be good to party hardy!
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