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Dr. Eve

Dr Eve
Some info:
Dr Eve offers men & women who are searching for meaningful connections in their sexuality and relationships an opportunity to explore a significant adventure which will lead to unexpected pleasures


On waking you stretch to touch or avoid being touched by an –other. You regret the sex that you had or did not have the night before. Tasks jump into your mind, your heart rate increases, you just want to be alone. The boredom and stress of the repetitiveness of the day lies before you as a carved out rut. You just want to be alone. Your body needs exercising, as does the dog; healthy food has to be fueled into your body; kids need parenting as do your own parents; office deadlines need meeting and your relationship needs attention. Staying in bed and masturbating feels like the healthiest choice.

SEXUAL LOVING requires the creation of a healthy and holistic lifestyle. It means redesigning your life to integrate time and attention both to sexually loving yourself and your beloved or a potential beloved.

DR. EVE’S LIFESTLYE GUIDE TO SEXUAL LOVING offers you events, thoughts, ideas and toys to create the kind of erotic relationship you really want. Via the medium of radio, writing, talking, therapy and shopping DR. EVE brings you opportunities to question, educate and inform yourself to create a lifestlye of sexual loving that is exclusive & unique to you.
8.30-9.30pm Wednesday nights, S.E.X. on GOODHOPEFM RADIO with Jeannie D
11.-11.30am every second Monday morning, TALK RADIO 702/CAPE TALK with Tim Modise
Both are live call-in shows, covering a range of topics on SEXUAL LOVING.

Erotic, educational and sassy DR. EVE’s web site is designed with you in mind. Interactive, encouraging people to share experiences the site brings you up to date information and latest research findings on sexual loving. Log into the shop for a gorgeous sexy toy shopping experience. DR. EVE personally selects each toy and DVD so that you get a range of high quality, differently priced toys exciting for both new toy shoppers as well as old hands!

Read what DR. EVE has to say in her columns in THE SOUTH AFRICAN JOURNAL OF NATURAL MEDICINE and MOVE! Magazine and send your questions to her at

If you are a woman over 18 who wants to learn about herself as a sexual person, if you are dissatisfied with your sexuality, or if you are curious about how to create a sexual lifestyle that empowers you, join DR. EVE’S SEXUAL GROWTH GROUP. Phone DEBBIE for more information on :021-422-4400 or e mail [email protected]

DR. EVE , internationally trained Clinical Sexologist, offers a professional therapeutic service to individuals and couples who need Couple and Sex Therapy. Call DEBBIE at CAPE TOWN MEDI CLINIC SEXUAL HEALTH CENTER:021-422-4400

Address: PO Box 12710,Mill Street 8010
Where it is: Phone for details


See our event calendar for her latest events


021 439 4004


086 652 0736



[email protected]

Age Group:

All Ages