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Fondue Party

Fondue Party
Some info:
Stuff to Eat: If you can melt it, you can make it into a fondue. Cheese, chocolate, cream sauces, there is a fondue recipe for you. The morsels you dip into the fondue are even more endless. You can dip fruit like strawberries, apples, bananas, blackberries, pear wedges and oranges into chocolate or cheese. Vegetables like carrots, celery, zucchini, raw or cooked, can be dipped into cheese sauces or creamy herb sauces. Fondues can include any type of meat or vegetables and you can use meat to dip into the sauces as well. There are thousands of fondue recipes and you can serve more than one at your party. Go check out our food section on this site for some drinks recipes and ideas on snacks to make for your party.
Stuff to Drink:Serve up sparkly wine and seltzer spritzers, straight wine, beer, whatever your friends and you prefer.
Decorate with:There’s no set decoration theme for a fondue party, but a hint to get that restaurant feel, use white tablecloths. Position your fondue pots and skewers along the table.