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Go for a shark cage dive

Go for a shark cage dive
Some info:
Hey dudes and dudettes! Wanna go for a shark dive? Go for a dive with the great white’s of Gansbaai and the surrounding area. Shark cage included in the deal of course 🙂 as well as some handy info before you dive, like stay in the cage!
How do I do this? you ask. No problem, just get in touch with one of the local dive charters operating out of Hermanus and for a nominal fee of around R600 (cheap if you’re a tourist, a bit of a stretch for us locals) you can dive with these awesome animals. Don’t be put of by the price if you are a local, it’s worth every cent.
Do you need to be a qualified? It appears not, one or two operators want you to have a scuba license, but most seem happy if you agree not to sue them if you get your index finger bitten off by pointing at those big teeth, so no, a scuba ticket does not appear to be a pre-requisite. I would however suggest you be qualified as you do need to be accustomed to breathing and being underwater. Its also a great experience just viewing the sharks from the boat, however in truth it’s best seeing them underwater and up close! All dive gear is provided at no additional charge.
What advice can I offer you ask? Don’t go to the local pub with your mates the night before for a ‘quick’ drink. You are bound to wind up chatting up some English girl who is in South Africa because “it’s so beautiful and cheap” and end up getting to bed two and a half hours before your pick-up time. The sea and a hang-over have never been best mates. Other-wise enjoy the hell-out. It’s good fun and the sharks are truly magnificent!
Address: Check this website for some charters that offer cage-diving.
Where it is: Drive on the N2 Out to Strand/Gordon’s Bay, or Gaansbaai, about 1 Hours drive from the city.




+- R600 pp

Payment Options:



Age Group:

All Ages
Dress Code: Any
Music Type: The sound of the waves, or the sharks nibbling on your big toe.