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Jet – Shine on

Jet – Shine on

Jet - Shine on

Some info:
Whenever another English band comes onto the scene with some good guitar strings and are somewhat rock n roll sounding, people can’t help comparing them with the likes of Oasis and the Beatles. Not that these former bands weren’t excellent in their own rights, but Jet also shares some star characteristics that need to be evaluated independently. Straight off the cuff one can tell that these guys are very very British. A brief glance at the cover will reveal this fact. “Kings Horses” taken from a famous English nursery rhyme has now been used to create a really good sounding song. Who would have thought? Whilst some of their songs do sound like a bit of a toned down Liam Gallagher, they still have some qualities that are distinctly unique. Their intriguing way of blending some old sounds with some new ones like in the track “come on come on” makes for some really enjoyable listening, whilst “stand up” seems to have taken some hints from some of the older American rock n roll groups. Yet while their first album “Get Born” was met with mixed reviews, Shine On looks set to cement their position as a band that’s here to stay. A position with which the British public will be sure to benefit from.