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Multi-talented Smile 90.4FM Presenter Mehboob Bawa stars in Moirs Advertisement

Smile 90.4FM’s love doctor Mehboob Bawa is currently starring in the new Moir’s advertisement, which is being flighted on television stations across South Africa.

Says presenter Bawa: “What makes this ad so exciting and unique, is that it showcases various characters interacting with gigantic Moir’s biscuits, showing how each of the small packs contain the goodness of a larger biscuit.

“I thoroughly enjoyed making the advertisement. The atmosphere on set was wonderful.  The director, award winning Lourens van Rensburg, was also great. He gave the actors a lot of room to improvise after he had shot the set ups he had planned. I had no dialogue originally and he liked some of the lines I ad-libbed, so he kept some of it in the ad. The final scenes selected were part of the improvised scenes. The director had briefed the actress, but left me in the dark. I had an idea what they were doing – a big set up with all hell breaking loose. That was lucky for me, as I would have probably been completely bowled over when she hit me with the huge biscuit. What you don’t see in the ad is that I’m still holding the cup and drinking my tea as a good tea lover would, even after everything else went sprawling around me.”

The advertisement was shot in the beautiful location of Rondebosch Boys High in only one day. Bawa, who has been acting professionally since 1989, also acted in numerous award winning advertisements, with one winning an international award.

Besides entertaining us on TV screens, the multi-talented actor and radio presenter believes in paying it forward and inspiring others through an initiative called ‘Journey to Greatness’. Together with the J2G team, he will be hosting a free event at Groote Schuur on the 8th November 2013 introducing the initiative showing people how to overcome their challenges and live their best life by creating a positive mind set.

Says Bawa: “I love the film industry, so I line produce and co-ordinate the logistics for film productions that shoot in Cape Town and the rest of South Africa, primarily from Bollywood. I also write articles on Bollywood for The Cape Times, produce radio adverts, do voice-overs and am working on producing my own feature films and TV series with local and international partners. Having just read this myself, I wonder where I find the time.” Find out more on

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