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Muse – Black holes and revelations

Muse – Black holes and revelations

Muse - Black holes and revelations

Some info:
Muse very rarely disappoint when it comes to quality music, and their latest release is no different. With three decent and extremely popular albums already under their belt, this UK trio decided to launch yet another album for their ever growing fan-base. Black Holes and Revelations has already seen itself reach # 1 in the UK and been rated highly by charts around the globe. The new album brings a new sound with it that is different (in a good way) to their previously recorded “Newborn”, “Origin of symmetry”, and “showbiz”. This time the album makes the listener want to get up out of the ever-present armchair and onto the metaphoric dance floor. What a pleasure. Its harmony to the ears with ‘starlight’ and ‘supermassive black hole’ making a clean break from the usual pop one hears on the radio whilst ‘soldier’s poem’ makes for another great ballad. Its hard to choose good songs out of an all-round great album. Muse have certainly managed to surpass their former glories and set themselves with a difficult task in outdoing their current status as chart toppers and trend setters in the future.