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Need for speed: Most wanted

Need for speed: Most wanted

Need for speed: Most wanted

Some info:
First thoughts: It’s great fun customizing your car.

Once you stuck in: This game is fun, fast and very explosive. Firstly, the game play is good because there are a lot of cars to choose from. These cars are ‘dam’ fast. Also, when you play the milestone portion, there are many laws to violate. For example, hitting the police cars hard, driving the wrong way, ‘hit and runs’ & resisting arrest. You have to get to the serious stuff happen to get more bounty. There’s more heat, longer time, more bounty as well as with the regular race portion, there’s good steering when you drive. However, you have to win every race to make it count. Once you win enough races, milestones and bounties, you can go to challenge the blacklist opponent. So, for the game play overall, it is perfect. The soundtrack is very good, although, some songs I’ve heard before in other EA games. If you have other EA games, you know what I am talking about. The visuals are awesome. The car crashing visual is really cool. The glass will be truly broken and I will trade the paint. Overall, an awesome and explosive game, it is one of the “must-buy games” for 2005.

Best bit: The realistic effects drom the way you drive. You can almost feel the tires grip the road and it can get a little hectic when you slip across the road.

Worst bit: Music from other games in the sound track

Summary: You wont be disappointed when you get it, just remember those eye drops.

Out of 10: 9

Reviewer: Ric

Music Type: Various