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Offshore Sportfishing Charters

Offshore Sportfishing Charters
Some info:
Ready for some Big Game fishing, Salt and Fresh Water Fly fishing, Reef fishing, Shark fishing, Beach and Rock fishing, Whale and Dolphin spotting?
Deep sea big game fishing for Yellowfin, Longfin, Bigeye Tuna, Swordfish with a chance of Striped, Blue or Black Marlin. Inshore summer fishing for Yellowtail, Kob, Geelbek, Steenbras and Roman. During the cooler ,months, hit a shoal of Cape Snoek, which bite as past as you can get a line in. Shark fishing – not for the feint-hearted. Once the chum lines are working their magic, expect a couple of Bronze, Threshers, Blues, Makos, Ragged Tooths or Great Whites. Then there’s also Fresh Water Fishing, Shore Fishing and Cruises
Address: 260 Katznellnbogn Street
Where it is: Deep Sea Fishing – 20-40 miles from harbour. Inshore fishing in False Bay Harbour.


Rates on Application


021 789-2124



[email protected]

Age Group:

All Ages


Deep Sea, Shore, Fresh Water Fishing and Cruises
Dress Code: Any