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Paolo Nutini – These streets

Paolo Nutini – These streets

Paolo Nutini - These streets

Some info:
Haggis, Tony Blair, and now Paolo Nutini seems set to be Scotland’s next biggest export. This youngster emerging out of the land of Black pudding seems set to melt a good many hearts with his debut album entitled These Streets. With an amazing voice and well constructed lyrics he manages to make a good show of it too. Not too mention that singer/songwriters have always carried a greater, somewhat more romantic view about them walking the mean streets armed only with their guitars and singing about all that they see. But when it comes to quality music that doesn’t let you down, Paolo Nutini is a name thats becoming more and more spoken in the right circles. His music is almost poetic and his ballads carry a poignancy that has become sorely lacking in modern songwriting. Track number two, ‘last request’ is especially good and looks set to break its way into some international charts. But don’t take my word for it, hear it for yourself and make sure to clear some space in your music collection for this rising star.