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Some info:

imagine real food

imagine a diet store, not a diet book
imagine flavour & excitement, not sawdust & celery
imagine fast health food, not hunting for ingredients
imagine more variety, less hunger & boredom
imagine more time, more energy

now do more

fast-moving gourmet health-food
salads, sandwiches, ready-meals, smoothies, coffees, desserts & snacks

eating healthy food is surprisingly easy. it doesn’t mean starving yourself. it doesn’t mean limiting your diet. all you have to do is keep a balance of meals.

stick to three meals a day and two snacks and virtually any meal combination from Rovuma will allow you to stay within your limits while still enjoying wonderfully tasty meals.

women have slower metabolisms than men. start with our super healthy breakfast, have a salad or sandwich for lunch and then a full meal with protein, veggie and starch for dinner. keep your energy levels up with two snacks during the day and the occasional cup of coffee, tea or fruit juice.

men can add an extra sandwich or salad at lunch. if you really need the extra energy then have a salad at dinner or an extra bag of unsalted roasted seeds during the day.

Telephone: 021 433 2895
E-Mail: [email protected]
Address: 11 regent road, sea point
Times: 07h00 – 22h00
Facilities: Street parking available