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Russian Back Massage

Russian Back Massage
Some info:
Have the person lie down on a firm (but not hard) surface, i.e. on the rug with some blankets, place a pillow underneath the persons chest and shoulders and two pillows on the side of the head so that the person can lie face-down completely relaxed and able to breathe. Position the persons arms on the sides of the body, and sit on the persons buttocks or if you are a bit to heavy sit beside the person. Get some body lotion or oil obtainable from the chemist or grocery store, find something with an appealing smell. Rub some of the lotion/oil on your own hands to warm it up a bit and then apply to the massagee’s back. Start at the top of the neck and shoulders and work your way down the muscles on the sides of the spine using mainly your thumbs in circular movements. The idea of the massage is to loosen up the stiff muscles that cause tension and stress, and improve blood circulation. Focus on the tense areas until you feel the muscle relax. Carry on with this for +- 5-10 min until the person is all nice and relaxed. Now open up your palms and start to rub the persons back vigorously up and down the whole area for about a minute (you should be getting a good workout yourself by now) until the persons starts feeling almost an itching sensation from the friction and heat cause by the rubbing. Grab the skin on the back in a clawing motion and pull the skin towards you until the itching stops. You will now be regarded as the massage guru.
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All Ages
Dress Code: Pants only