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Shiatsu practitioner and Aromatheropist

Shiatsu practitioner and Aromatheropist
Some info:
Angie Whitehead qualified as an Aroma therapist in 1998 and is registered with The Allied Health Professions Council of South Africa. To qualify as an aroma therapist Angie also had to acquire diplomas in anatomy, physiology, pathology, chemistry and counselling skills.

Angie also teaches an aromatherapy course called… Aromatherapy for use in the home.
This course concentrates on the ten most basic aromatherapy essential oils for use in the home. The course highlights the many benefits and uses e.g. baths, creams, inhalers, etc, plus contra indications and hazards of using aromatherapy essential oils. The course also incorporates techniques to give a hand and foot massage. Copious notes are given to the students.

Angie qualified as a Shiatsu practitioner in 1999 with the Cape Town Academy of Shiatsu. Angie has been doing Shiatsu head and neck and shoulder treatments since 1999 once per month at the Holistic Lifestyle Fair at the Community Centre in Observatory. The seated modality is also very practical for in-house office treatments as it is done over the clothing of a client.

Another healing modality, which Angie has been studying, is… Energy Transfusion Healing. This modality identifies which energy charkas are not in balance and assist the body to balance the charkas using various techniques and various crystals.

Angie also does Reiki which is purely non-invasive energy therapy done over the clothing of a client.

Angie is registered with, and secretary of, the Natural Healers Association of South Africa. Practice No. 413.2003.

Angie has a treatment room in her home and is also prepared to travel to clients premises should this be required.

Address: Book an appointment for more contact details
Where it is: Its not far from the N1 highway.

Payment Options:

Cash Only


021 939 0467


[email protected]

Age Group:

All Ages
Dress Code: Anything