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Some info:
First thoughts: The Creature creator is both easy to use and provides enough customization tools to create millions of unique little monsters.

Once you stuck in: This is an open ended simulation game where players can create a being that starts off as a few cells and quickly evolves into a galaxy colonizing empire. The game consists of five phases that work like simple mini games that link together. At the cell stage Spore plays out like packman with upgrades but then turns into a platform style game, then a RTS (Real Time Strategy – e.g. Warcraft) and finally a space trading style game with add-ons and extra features. The aim of the game is to survive and evolve; this means living in a world with creatures ranging from friendly little frog like creations, that try to ally and trade their way to dominance, to blood thirsty, trigger happy beasts that won’t hesitate to kill off anything that moves. There are many ways to interact with other creatures throughout evolution ranging from economics and religious propaganda to war. The amazing thing about this is that the entire progression of your creature is altered by the way you act. Meaning if you kill other creatures earlier on in the game more war orientated options and upgrades become available.

Best bit: The wide range of creation tools and options that allow you total freedom over your monsters, buildings and vehicles.

Worst bit: Online play is merely an option to share creations and the game as a whole is a bit simple and easy for experienced gamers.

Summary: Maxis has created another Sims style game that will probably appeal to female and less action orientated gamers. The vast universes and different game play variations make Spore a fun and long lasting game that will have you testing out different ways to play for a few weeks or even months.

Out of 10: 8

Reviewer: Jarred Poupado