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Take a Hike

Take a Hike
Some info:
Go for a nice relaxing hike. There are heaps of hiking spots around The Peninsula, in fact we are fortunate to live in the most scenic hiking area in the world! Try Constantia forest, Tokai forest, or one of the many routes up Table Mountain for a quick afternoon hike, or pack the backpack and go for a weekend, see this site for some trails.
Address: Down the hill and up the mountain…
Where it is: See this website for some trails


Daytime Advisable but there are some nice Night hikes around as well.


The Beauty – It only costs time and some energy.

Payment Options:

Pay with some stiff muscles the next day.


No phone, and leave yours at home!



Not much so take some refreshments
Dress Code: Casual with very comfy shoes
Music Type: The sounds of silence.