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The Godfather

The Godfather

The Godfather

Some info:
First thoughts: Starts off well with pieces of the classic story. You design the guy who will represent you (as in most role play games these days) and then move on through the story covering family, respect, and loyalty.

Once you stuck in: When I first picked up the control to play, I played for a 10 & a half session. It’s addictive! You negotiate your way through the 5 burrows of New York with mob hits, bank heists to drive-bys and extortion. You start off at the bottom of the food chain and work you way up through the ranks by extorting local businesses and doing tasks for the bosses. The game is pretty violent as you get to kill rivals in various fashions with a different execution styles for each weapons you carry. It’s amazing to actually be involved with each major activity just as it unfolds on the movie. Like you can be doing your normal hustling activities and then be called in at anytime for a mission. If you analysis the movie you will notice that in each scene there is a mission being preformed by a nameless person. In the game, that’s you…For example, you’re the one that has to sneak into the toilets of the restaurant to plant the gun for Michael Corleone. As you get more respect and grow in the family, your missions get harder (obviously) but still stay very relevant to the movie.

Best bit: Being involved with the legacy of Godfather. You get to be part of a classic movie & time in America’s rich history.

Worst bit: Some of the venues you go into are repeated. Not sure if that is just so you will be able to find our way around and are familiar with the place but it does get a little monotonous then.

Summary: Great all round game to keep you entertained for hours, if not days.

Out of 10:

Reviewer: Ric