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Third eye blind, A collection

Third eye blind, A collection

Third eye blind, A collection

Some info:

Following their 3 previous albums, this greatest hits collection is simply called ‘A Collection’. The album includes the most well-known songs that were played on the radio, but also tracks that can become new for people not too familiar with the band. The album contains good guitar rock and catchy hooks but far from innocent are the topics that their songs cover – Drug addiction (Semi-Charmed Life), suicide (Jumper) and even rape (Wounded). Fans will also enjoy great hits like How’s It Going To Be, upbeat rocker Graduate and the romantic track Deep Inside Of You. The biggest surprise you will find at the end of the album with an instrumental rendition of Blue. This album will definitely increase the band’s fan base and will hopefully be followed up by some new recordings from these talented guys.

Music Type: Good guitar rock with catchy hooks.