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Third Man / Derde Mannetjie

Some info:
This game can be played with or without clothes, but you’ll soon see why clothes are recommended. Place a full glass of “the drinking beverage” on the floor. Stand two meters away from the glass, then take a R2 coin and pinch it between your bum. Walk towards the glass and attempt to drop the coin into the glass. If you get the coin into he glass, nominate someone to down the drink. Should the coin hit the rim, other players are aloud to challenge. Have fun now and Don’t drink and drive!!!
Third Man / Derde Mannetjie
Some info:
Very simple. You need 2 dice and a jug of a light drink i.e. wine spritzer, beer sandy or a nice punch. Everyone rolls to see who gets to start, the person with the lowest number gets to be the first “Third Man”. Now, the object of the game is NOT to be the “Third Man” cause every time anyone rolls a 3 or a multiple of three the Third mans has to take a drink.
When someone rolls a seven it is regarded as a “social” and everyone has to take a drink. The only way a “Third Man” can remove his title is by rolling a three or a double, he/she is then allowed to nominate any other player as a “Third man”. When someone rolls a double three they are allowed to nominate a second “Third Man”. Until everyone is a “Third Man”. When someone rolls a 1 the direction of play switches. Have fun, and don’t drink and drive, rather party to survive.
Address: Preferably someone else’s place so that you don’t have to clean the mess afterwards with your babelaas
Where it is: Wherever the party is at.


After the boeing is over


Just the cost of the alcohol

Age Group:

All Ages


Table chairs food etc.
Dress Code: Any